About Us

Camacho Assembly

About Us

We have more than 3 years of experience in the area. Camacho Assembly LLC has delivered quality, expertise, integrity, leadership, responsiveness, and customer service with every construction project. At Camacho Assembly LLC, we do only what we are great at.

We always try to do things the right way no matter the money, our team is ready to help you in the best possible way in your assembly needs. Thanks to all who have trusted us.


Paula Camacho

Our Services

Residential Services

We provide a quality service with fair prices to all our clients; guaranteeing the integrity of the equipment.

βœ” Fitness Equipment

βœ” Shade Structures

βœ” Outdoor Products

βœ” Misc. Products

βœ” Play Structures

βœ” Portable Trampolines

βœ” Game Tables

βœ” Home and Garden

βœ” Furniture

βœ” Home Security

Commerical Services

We follow the policies of our corporate clients step by step, taking care of the equipment at all times and respecting their clients.

βœ” Health & Fitness Equipment

βœ” Grills

βœ” Lawn & Garden

βœ” Patio & Outdoor

βœ” Snow Blowers

βœ” Bicycles

βœ” Lawn Mowers

βœ” Misc. Products

βœ” Furniture

βœ” Misc. Products

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